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Wow this band is absolute fail, they deserve to drown in a pool of fermented period blood. What the hell is up with all these bands combining hardcore music and rap? I listen to hardcore music to get away from that shit not end up listening to more of it. And there are a lot of bands these days with some stupid fucking names but Dot Dot Curve :), looking at this name makes me feel more like Dot Dot S :s, because it is so hard to understand the damned vocals, it’s all nothing but synthesized bullshit just like BrokeNCYDE. Also just like BrokeNCYDE the screams are God fucking awful, the so called “screams” are absolutely horrible and I have heard some bad screamers. And unlike BrokeNCYDE Dot Dot Curve :) doesn’t have a catchy beat so pretty much every part of this band is FAIL!




This game will fucking kick your ass, seriously. But unlike Resistance Retribution this game has a rising difficulty level that goes up at an even pace. Whilst Resistance was just an easy section than we throw a shit ton of enemies at you. However, DMC3 is really unforgiving, starting you with no continues and little health, also the difficulty levels got jacked up for us Americans, where Easy is Normal and Normal is Hard and so on, also the difficulty Dante Must Die is well, you will die, a lot.

The gameplay is really good and flows very smoothly, and personally just this game alone is better than all of the GoW games put together. There are quite a few weapons in the game, and all have diversity, like three-pronged nun chucks and dual swords that control wind and fire, a guitar that controls lightning and bats and has a scythe, and gauntlets and grieves, that are named Beowulf and you get from a demon that looks like an angel. There are four different default styles, Trickster which allows for a quick dodge, Swordmaster, which  allows for extra moves with Devil Arms, Gunslinger, self-explanatory, and Royalguard which allows Dante to dodge.

Lastly, the extra features in Special Edition, the Bloody Palace which is a huge tower that has all the enemies and bosses of the game. Playing through the game again with Vergil, Dante’s brother, and Heaven and Hell.

Recommended to children and action fans of all ages.



Please friends give me a few suggestions on what I should review next. I seriously have no fucking clue what I should do, but I know I’ll do Tales of the Abyss once I finish it

But, please leave a request in the comment section.



I hate MySpace, and also Twitter is for boring ass whores who are in love with telling people what they are doing every two fucking minutes. Video games have almost died, JRPGs suck now, and first person shooters have sucked ever since their invention, and yet there is a new one every two weeks. You could think with all those games being churned out every week that there would be at least one that isn’t completely engrossed with realism. Realism can suck my dick because it has been a plague in the gaming culture since the invention of FPSs. And why does everyone hate the Wii? It’s a damn good system and is beating both of the mega consoles by thousands. Not to mention that stupid elitist assholes are always saying, “the Wii  is killing gaming” no it isn’t. And the PS2 is better than the PS3, the PS3 hasn’t sold a quarter of what the PS2 has and the PS3 is supposed to be better. BS!!!

Ugh, this is just a venting the rage fuck all rant so yeah…..


*pant* goodnight and *pant* good luck



Goddammit, I just can’t let go of the past now can I? This game came out 4 years ago, and I’m going to review it? Well not exactly, this is going to clear up why this, in my opinion, is NOT the best game in the RE series.

First hand, the game is very much a third persona shooter, because of the new “dynamic aiming” system that allows for full motion in a stationary position, however, you cannot move freely whilst in aiming mode, all you can do is aim, there is no dodging attacks with a gun ready, which is something that even RE5, the successor to RE4, fails at. And a much better game that  actually has horror elements, frightening enemies, and a few good scares, which is Dead Space, and this game borrows from RE4 and is way better in my opinion.

Lastly, this is not a horror game, it has a few horror themed elements but there really aren’t that many great scares or really any scares at all. The monsters are pretty grotesque, however, they aren’t zombies, and honestly I would prefer zombies over parasite controlled villagers any day.

There were only two reasons that I listed, but if you would like me to go into more detail than please just ask, this is merely a sample.


RE4 is not the best game ever.

I have but one thing to say, do not waste your money on this piece of shit game, I spent 7 hours of my oh so important life trying to beat this piece of shit to get hung up on a shit, un-epic final boss that is near impossible for me and I’m playing on Normal difficulty, which brings me to the worst part of the game the uneven difficulty. In some areas there are average soldiers and in these sections there is a moderate challenge but you should get past them no problem. However, after these average difficulty sections the game will say, “Fuck you!”, and throw a hoard of 5 giant chimera, 25 average soldiers, 75 Boilers (whose heads explode if they get near you taking off a whole 1/4 of your health), 125 Skulkers (who jump around like assholes and fire machine guns at you), 300 drones, and a boss, all at the same time. And the best way to describe this unbalanced gameplay is “meep”.

Not to mention the fact that this is a shooter on the PSP, so it is doomed from before the idea was even imagined. Also, Insomniac Games, the creators of the Resistance series are taking a back seat to these assholes at Bend Studios, so even if the game had a chance that just went down the drain because the original creators aren’t even on the project. And yes that would make this another prequel to a popular franchise on the PSP that isn’t even made by the original creators. My only exception is Ready At Dawn Studios, because they did a damn fine job at making Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus, and they really deserve their own franchise.

Regardless the control in Retribution is absolute shit, and not because of the developers, because the PSP doesn’t have enough buttons or that cherished right analog stick. So we’re stuck with moving with the left stick and aiming with the face buttons, huh? Why the face buttons? Just make a lock 0n– oh, wait they did, so why do we need to turn if you have a lock-on you may be asking, well because the developers are assholes and decided that the lock-on doesn’t work unless you face the enemy, thus making the arbitrary face button camera control necessary instead of just having an auto-lock and nothing else. It would make the game a little more forgiving and then maybe I could be a little more forgiving towards this game.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT waste $35 on this piece of horse cock, go buy something good like Patapon, or Daxter, anything but this piece of shit!


Seriously, don’t buy it!

myspace a place for fucktardsThis is the image that only a few minutes ago I attempted to upload to MySpace. And it was kicked back for copyright material, BULLSHIT! Because I upload game photos and the like and none, ABSOLUTLEY NONE of the photos have been kicked back before. I swear they kicked it back because it hates on MySpace.

And if MySpace admins kick down my door and out a gun to my head than I will become an hero, and blow their asses up along with mine, because if I go down then MySpace Admins go with me.


Fuck MySpace

Shredded &

Shredded &

Shredded &



978-0312944926Digital Fortress is a novel written by Dan Brown famous for writing The Da Vinci Code. This novel was published in 1998, by Thomas Dunne Books.

Susan Fletcher and David Becker have been engaged for the past 5 months and plan to take a holiday on the Smoky Mountains at a resort, however, their plans are cut short when David gets a business call to go off to Spain, he says it will be a quick job and they can leave by the next day. While waiting Susan gets a call from the Deputy Director of the NSA (National Security Agency) calling her in on her day off. When she gets to the Cryptography floor of the NSA the Deputy Director tells her that he has been at Crypto all night trying to bust an algorithm, that not even their super computer, TRANSLTR, could break. This is Digital Fortress, created by Ensei Tankado, a former NSA member who Strathmore fired. Meanwhile, David finds out that Tankado is dead and the pass-key for the unbreakable algorithm is missing, from here it turns into a race to find the pass-key before Digital Fortress becomes public.

My thoughts on the book are this: Holy shit this has more twists than a film by M. Night Shamalan. Dan Brown did a really good job with this novel especially near the end, whoo, there are so many twists and turns right at the end. Things about characters being revealed that you never would have guessed. And David’s chase to find the pass-key, damn, that is so aggravating when the key just slips away. Also there’s the villain, he’s a deaf mercenary sent to track David until he finds the pass-key, kill all people who have seen the ring and kill David to get it. After reading this I realized it was  a lot more vulgar than other Dan Brown novels, “fuck” and other swear words were used a lot more than is his other novels that I’ve read, and there is a lot of violence, so I’d say 13+ but that’s just my opinion on the content, books don’t have content ratings so it’s up to you. But back on topic this a very good novel and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good thriller or is a fan of Dan Brown like myself.

Without wax,

Master Of Strings


Well recently I started playing through Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition again and realized just how much I loved the game, and then thinking back was ashamed at myself for not playing through it again on a higher difficulty than easy. But, hey, can you blame me? If you’ve ever played it you’d know just how damned difficult this game can be. But needless to say I am playing it on Normal this time and it is kicking my ass…. HARD. I got to about Mission 11 and got stuck on a boss and after that decided to start over with Gold Orbs instead of Yellow, because if you choose yellow you have to buy continues, but is you choose gold the orbs bring you back t life instantly, and you have infinite continues. ANYWAYS, realizing how much more of a badass Dante is in the prequel mainly because of the fact he’s a pompous asshole, when I finish the game again I may have to do a review on the trilogy. All three games.

And this part was just thrown in there for the pure reason of  “why the hell not” an update. My week was generally boring and there wans’t anything to really talk about except my rediscovering of DMC3. I’m reading two books one is Digital Fortress by Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol also by Dan Brown. I’m on about page 200 in Digital Fortress, and page 13 on The Lost Symbol, eh, what can I say once I got further into Digital Fortress I couldn’t stop reading it was so invigorating, but after I finish Digital Fortress there will be a review, expect the same for The Lost Symbol.

Master Of Strings

Goodnight and good luck


5: Land Turtle Final Fantasy III (DS)

Even though he is a first boss he is worth mentioning for the epicness of this fight, because you fight him all by yourself with only six potions and some of the crappiest weapons in the game, and the reason he is only number 19 is because he’s a what I like to call a “slap fight boss” which is usually the first boss in an RPG when you have no moves and if the boss has any spells he would 1 hit you, but it still is epic even if it is easy.


4: Dr. Salvador Resident Evil 4 (PS2, PC, Wii, GC)

Even though he technically is a mini-boss, but he is pretty cool, one hit from that chainsaw and you may as well kiss your head goodbye. It’s especially bad in “Mercenaries” in the Water World, there is a Mega Dr. Salvador who has a two-pronged flaming chainsaw actually wrapped in chains it’s epic, he will come at you swinging, and lop your head off without a second thought.


3: Dancing Hands Persona 3 (PS2)

Another mini-boss found on the 10th floor of Tartarus. Even though they are only the second mini-boss in the game they will kick your ass in at least 3 rounds if you don’t exploit their weakness, which is strike, otherwise they will mazio and bufu you into oblivion.

The End Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2)

250px-The_EndThis boss is nothing but awesome, it’s a sniper fight to the death, or unconsciousness, and is the only boos fight in MGS3 to really push stealth into the fight, because if you aren’t sneaking The End will shoot you with his Mosin Nagant, thus tranquilizing you and sending back to the area about 40 minutes back.

200px-MemoryofALessa1: Memory of Alessa Silent Hill 3 (PS2, PC, )

Easily the hardest boss in SH3, and Alessa really doesn’t hold back, she uses a knife, a steel pipe, oh and a freakin’ sub-machine gun, just plain awesome. She’s also a very symbolic boss if you’ve played Sh3 and knew who Heather really is.


Master Of Strings

Asta La Vista

Relatively short post here I would just like to say there is a great site out there by the name of The Living Labyrinth and he does general things about games and media. So you may be asking “Will, why promote TLL over any other game site?”, and there is a very simple answer, he is the one who inspired me to take on the form of blogging I will do with masterofstrings, and he deserves some damn credit for it, so go check him out.

Master Of Strings
So Long

Yup, a whole new blog because I realized how much I hate Blogger, but anyways, this will be a blog where I shall review all type of media (unlike TSIOO this will include movies, books, graphic novels, as well as video games).  This blog will jump to life as of tomorrow where I give my two cents on the hit band BrokeNCYDE. Why they’re a hit don’t ask me but they really are a shit band.

Here is a link to a friend of mine on Blogger, who did a BrokeNCYDE review/rant:

He (of course) has a blog at:

Check him out for various rants and things on music, mostly shitty music.

Master Of Strings
Goodnight and Good luck

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