5: Land Turtle Final Fantasy III (DS)

Even though he is a first boss he is worth mentioning for the epicness of this fight, because you fight him all by yourself with only six potions and some of the crappiest weapons in the game, and the reason he is only number 19 is because he’s a what I like to call a “slap fight boss” which is usually the first boss in an RPG when you have no moves and if the boss has any spells he would 1 hit you, but it still is epic even if it is easy.


4: Dr. Salvador Resident Evil 4 (PS2, PC, Wii, GC)

Even though he technically is a mini-boss, but he is pretty cool, one hit from that chainsaw and you may as well kiss your head goodbye. It’s especially bad in “Mercenaries” in the Water World, there is a Mega Dr. Salvador who has a two-pronged flaming chainsaw actually wrapped in chains it’s epic, he will come at you swinging, and lop your head off without a second thought.


3: Dancing Hands Persona 3 (PS2)

Another mini-boss found on the 10th floor of Tartarus. Even though they are only the second mini-boss in the game they will kick your ass in at least 3 rounds if you don’t exploit their weakness, which is strike, otherwise they will mazio and bufu you into oblivion.

The End Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2)

250px-The_EndThis boss is nothing but awesome, it’s a sniper fight to the death, or unconsciousness, and is the only boos fight in MGS3 to really push stealth into the fight, because if you aren’t sneaking The End will shoot you with his Mosin Nagant, thus tranquilizing you and sending back to the area about 40 minutes back.

200px-MemoryofALessa1: Memory of Alessa Silent Hill 3 (PS2, PC, )

Easily the hardest boss in SH3, and Alessa really doesn’t hold back, she uses a knife, a steel pipe, oh and a freakin’ sub-machine gun, just plain awesome. She’s also a very symbolic boss if you’ve played Sh3 and knew who Heather really is.


Master Of Strings

Asta La Vista