978-0312944926Digital Fortress is a novel written by Dan Brown famous for writing The Da Vinci Code. This novel was published in 1998, by Thomas Dunne Books.

Susan Fletcher and David Becker have been engaged for the past 5 months and plan to take a holiday on the Smoky Mountains at a resort, however, their plans are cut short when David gets a business call to go off to Spain, he says it will be a quick job and they can leave by the next day. While waiting Susan gets a call from the Deputy Director of the NSA (National Security Agency) calling her in on her day off. When she gets to the Cryptography floor of the NSA the Deputy Director tells her that he has been at Crypto all night trying to bust an algorithm, that not even their super computer, TRANSLTR, could break. This is Digital Fortress, created by Ensei Tankado, a former NSA member who Strathmore fired. Meanwhile, David finds out that Tankado is dead and the pass-key for the unbreakable algorithm is missing, from here it turns into a race to find the pass-key before Digital Fortress becomes public.

My thoughts on the book are this: Holy shit this has more twists than a film by M. Night Shamalan. Dan Brown did a really good job with this novel especially near the end, whoo, there are so many twists and turns right at the end. Things about characters being revealed that you never would have guessed. And David’s chase to find the pass-key, damn, that is so aggravating when the key just slips away. Also there’s the villain, he’s a deaf mercenary sent to track David until he finds the pass-key, kill all people who have seen the ring and kill David to get it. After reading this I realized it was  a lot more vulgar than other Dan Brown novels, “fuck” and other swear words were used a lot more than is his other novels that I’ve read, and there is a lot of violence, so I’d say 13+ but that’s just my opinion on the content, books don’t have content ratings so it’s up to you. But back on topic this a very good novel and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good thriller or is a fan of Dan Brown like myself.

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Master Of Strings