I hate MySpace, and also Twitter is for boring ass whores who are in love with telling people what they are doing every two fucking minutes. Video games have almost died, JRPGs suck now, and first person shooters have sucked ever since their invention, and yet there is a new one every two weeks. You could think with all those games being churned out every week that there would be at least one that isn’t completely engrossed with realism. Realism can suck my dick because it has been a plague in the gaming culture since the invention of FPSs. And why does everyone hate the Wii? It’s a damn good system and is beating both of the mega consoles by thousands. Not to mention that stupid elitist assholes are always saying, “the Wii  is killing gaming” no it isn’t. And the PS2 is better than the PS3, the PS3 hasn’t sold a quarter of what the PS2 has and the PS3 is supposed to be better. BS!!!

Ugh, this is just a venting the rage fuck all rant so yeah…..


*pant* goodnight and *pant* good luck