Goddammit, I just can’t let go of the past now can I? This game came out 4 years ago, and I’m going to review it? Well not exactly, this is going to clear up why this, in my opinion, is NOT the best game in the RE series.

First hand, the game is very much a third persona shooter, because of the new “dynamic aiming” system that allows for full motion in a stationary position, however, you cannot move freely whilst in aiming mode, all you can do is aim, there is no dodging attacks with a gun ready, which is something that even RE5, the successor to RE4, fails at. And a much better game that  actually has horror elements, frightening enemies, and a few good scares, which is Dead Space, and this game borrows from RE4 and is way better in my opinion.

Lastly, this is not a horror game, it has a few horror themed elements but there really aren’t that many great scares or really any scares at all. The monsters are pretty grotesque, however, they aren’t zombies, and honestly I would prefer zombies over parasite controlled villagers any day.

There were only two reasons that I listed, but if you would like me to go into more detail than please just ask, this is merely a sample.


RE4 is not the best game ever.