I have but one thing to say, do not waste your money on this piece of shit game, I spent 7 hours of my oh so important life trying to beat this piece of shit to get hung up on a shit, un-epic final boss that is near impossible for me and I’m playing on Normal difficulty, which brings me to the worst part of the game the uneven difficulty. In some areas there are average soldiers and in these sections there is a moderate challenge but you should get past them no problem. However, after these average difficulty sections the game will say, “Fuck you!”, and throw a hoard of 5 giant chimera, 25 average soldiers, 75 Boilers (whose heads explode if they get near you taking off a whole 1/4 of your health), 125 Skulkers (who jump around like assholes and fire machine guns at you), 300 drones, and a boss, all at the same time. And the best way to describe this unbalanced gameplay is “meep”.

Not to mention the fact that this is a shooter on the PSP, so it is doomed from before the idea was even imagined. Also, Insomniac Games, the creators of the Resistance series are taking a back seat to these assholes at Bend Studios, so even if the game had a chance that just went down the drain because the original creators aren’t even on the project. And yes that would make this another prequel to a popular franchise on the PSP that isn’t even made by the original creators. My only exception is Ready At Dawn Studios, because they did a damn fine job at making Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus, and they really deserve their own franchise.

Regardless the control in Retribution is absolute shit, and not because of the developers, because the PSP doesn’t have enough buttons or that cherished right analog stick. So we’re stuck with moving with the left stick and aiming with the face buttons, huh? Why the face buttons? Just make a lock 0n– oh, wait they did, so why do we need to turn if you have a lock-on you may be asking, well because the developers are assholes and decided that the lock-on doesn’t work unless you face the enemy, thus making the arbitrary face button camera control necessary instead of just having an auto-lock and nothing else. It would make the game a little more forgiving and then maybe I could be a little more forgiving towards this game.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT waste $35 on this piece of horse cock, go buy something good like Patapon, or Daxter, anything but this piece of shit!


Seriously, don’t buy it!