Wow this band is absolute fail, they deserve to drown in a pool of fermented period blood. What the hell is up with all these bands combining hardcore music and rap? I listen to hardcore music to get away from that shit not end up listening to more of it. And there are a lot of bands these days with some stupid fucking names but Dot Dot Curve :), looking at this name makes me feel more like Dot Dot S :s, because it is so hard to understand the damned vocals, it’s all nothing but synthesized bullshit just like BrokeNCYDE. Also just like BrokeNCYDE the screams are God fucking awful, the so called “screams” are absolutely horrible and I have heard some bad screamers. And unlike BrokeNCYDE Dot Dot Curve :) doesn’t have a catchy beat so pretty much every part of this band is FAIL!