Since KTLIOADJ‘s ass has to bitch at me for not doing a God Hand review,  it’s 1 in the morning, and I have mild sugar high(not anymore, I’m finishing this review the morning after), here it is asshole. 

The game’s story is as follows: Jean sees a girl named Olivia about to have her arm cut off by three jackasses looking for the God Hand, which is a magic arm that grants you the power of a God in that arm, and needless to sat Jean tries to help and ends up getting his arm cut off. Olivia apparently feeling sorry for him grants him one of the God Hands. And once he gets this arm he assumes the role of demon hunter and goes around killing demons for the hell of it. He runs into the Four Devas a group of Demons who actually have the other God Hand possessed by Azel a.k.a. The Devil Hand. And of course Jean must stop them.

The gameplay can be summed up in two words: fun, and hard. Seriously this game will kick ass equally or maybe even more so than Devil May Cry 3. And the difficulty will increase as you do better, there are four subsequent difficulties: Levels 1-3 and the aptly named Level Die, and of course if the difficulty increases as you do better than as you start sucking the game will lighten up on you, and I think this mechanic should be implemented in s lot more games. Another great mechanic in God Hand is that you can choose exactly which moves you want in your combo. Also, this game has some bad ass super moves called the Roulette Wheel, I won’t go into too much detail  because a few of the moves have to be witnesssed for yourself, like the Ball Buster, yeah.

Overall this is a great game, and if you read IGN’s review in which they gave this game a 3 out of 10, than you need to track down a copy and play this game for yourself becasue it is not a game that deserves a 3.


(^_^)v Seriously go buy it.