What can I say Phantom Hourglass is a great game, probably one of the best on the DS, great job Nintendo! This is most definitely what a DS game shoukd be, great touch screen controls, which are used by dragging the stylus to run, and slashing the enenmies on screem to attack, as well as using your stylus to draw a path that your boomerang will follow. The characters are a lot of fun, and the fairy (Celia) isn;t otally annoying. There are things in this game that are not from the console Zelda games, like you can only habe one item equipped at a time, instead of three, I think. Amd you can’t talk to the fairy for advice,also some of the rupees are different. And I know I don’t usually talk about graphics but the graphics in this game are fantastic and very much resemble Wind Waker.

Great game go and check it out. I think the new Zelda in on the  DS “Spirit Traxks” will be a sequel to this game, it comes out on Dec. 7th, if you have a DS go but it.


(^_^)v Peace