First, whatever speculations you had against this film, forget them. Just forget them, and go see it. I had little hope for this film when I saw the trailers, but it did interest me. And I just saw it a few hours ago, and it was a very good film. One of the best in the last few years.

The suspense is great, and every time Esther (the “Orphan”) is going to try and kill someone, you know how she’ll do it, but you’re waiting and wondering if the heroine will see/stop her. And Esther does some weird shit to make the heroine seem like the bad guy. Like she puts her arm in a vice (after the heroine gets pissed at Esther, and grabs her arm) and breaks it, and shows it to our heroine’s husband and makes him think that she broke her arm. And a girl teases Esther at school then she pushes the girl off of a slide and breaks the girl’s leg. And when Maxine (the heroine’s daughter) is in the car Esther turns off the parking brake and makes the car crash into a pile of snow. And the heroine is blamed because she was a drinker and they found a bottle of wine and thought she left the parking break off because she was drunk.

The acting is actually pretty good, especially from the child actors who do an exceptionally good job for 9 year olds in a horror movie. Like I said in the beginning  don’t judge the film, please go give the film a chance, it should be out on DVD.