I can think of no way to describe how I’m feeling. Afraid? Angry? Scared? A combination of all three? I don’t know. I might even be going insane. The steady moan of the ghouls is constantly racking on my nerves. It would seem there are more, and more zombies each day, maybe their moan attracts more zombies.

Whatever, just a theory. I’m leaving tomorrow, Austin’s waiting at his house, he told me to wait a few days so that he could get ready. I already have my supplies: pistol .45 caliber, 200 rounds, M1 Garand rifle, lasersight and NVG scope, machete, crowbar, knife, 6-inches long, smooth. Backpack 12 quarts of water, enough canned food to last for two weeks, bed roll.

I rolled up the sleeve of my Domo-kun jacket and looked at my watch, it read 10:30 p.m. I rolled over onto my mattress. When I began to feel my eyelids getting heavy, about to leave this horrid place and off to dreamland.


I hear a window shatter, and the shards of crystal spread onto the floor. My eyes snap open in an instant, the distinctive moan of the ghouls has gotten louder, and clearer. I swing my legs off the bed and sling my backpack over my right shoulder, attach the sheath of my machete to my belt, holster the .45, and put my M1 to my shoulder.The ghouls began shambling towards me, I get ready with the M1, and fire at the first three undead. But it would seem that they kept coming. I took the rifle in one hand, drew my .45 and shot the next few undead, but for everyone I killed three more cam in through the window.

Shit! I think, My position is compromised! Need to find escape! I looked around the room for a way out there were undead at every window and door, Damn! Then the roof came to mind. I raced up the stairs and climbed out of the window in my bedroom. Now on the roof I jumped into the backyard. I quickly vaulted over the fence then hopped on my bike and headed to Austin’s house.

Exhausted, out of breath, and scared as hell, I arrived at my destination.

“You’re early,” Austin says.

“Not much of a greeting wouldn’t you say? Ghouls broke in and overrun my house, I had to come early. You wouldn’t believe how many ghouls I had to get through to get here.”

“Actually, I do,” Austin says in a matter-of-factly tone,”they were knocking on my door all day, they’re like god damn door-to-door salesmen.”

I laugh.

“You look exhausted, you should go to sleep, I’ll take your shift.”


“No prob.”