{UPDATE 11/6/09} MasterofStrings, I believe this is the first review of Cat!Cow!Milkyway! Awesome.

Firstly, I don’t exactly hate Cat!Cow!Milkyway! He, yes he, there is only one member in this band, anyways his vocals, synthesizing, guitar, and beats are very catchy and (personally) he is one of the best artists I’ve heard since Austin told me about A Skylit Drive (yes, there are so many shitty bands in a year the only good bands I’ve discovered is an unsigned 17 year old, and 100deadrabbits). And he does a really good job with only one member and I wish his ass would make a new song, but he’s probably busy trying to get signed.

Secondly, the thing I don’t like about Cat!Cow!Milkyway! is that he acts like an attention whore, I understand that he wants to get signed, but in all his covers there are like 5 annotations that say: “Subscribe me” (no, really) “Our band: http://www.myspace.com/catcowmilkyway” (lol, our), and a shit ton of other promotional drivel that has to do with promoting himself. And for this I call him pathetic.

Cat!Cow!Milkyway!, you need to stop being such a little attention whore, than I could watch one of your videos and not be drowned in fucking annotations.