The morning sun began to peek over the hills behind the small forest. I stood with my M1 ready to shoot any undead that come our way.Vincent and Jack were going to the car to get any supplies that weren’t destroyed. Austin stood a few feet away from me, the cold must have been getting to him, he took his black trench coat out of his bag, and draped it over his body.

Vincent came back with nothing, “Uh, there wasn’t much to be salvaged, it was either broken or missing. “He said, for some reason sounding guilty. “But there is a supermarket and an Army Surplus Store on the way to our camp, if you would like to restock we can and get new weapons as well.”

“Damn,” said Austin, “There goes a perfectly good shotgun. Oh well, maybe I can grab a new one at Surplus.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” I say.

“Good, Jack cover Will.” Vincent says.  Jack nods in agreement. He walked over next to me, and was to stay by me the whole trip, he had a huge 12 gauge shotgun, there was no doubt I’d be safe, but I still kept my M1 at the ready. I almost never trust my life with another human being.

I was not really sure about the others, but for me the trip was agonizing on my broken foot, Jack had offered multiple times to let me use his shoulder, but I would tell him: “If zombies come I want to you to be able to dispatch them as soon as possible, if you’re supporting me than your reaction time will be delayed”. And although this was true, it was also because I didn’t trust him, but I had only met him the morning before. I barely trust Austin with my life and I had known him for five years, there was no way I would leave my life in the hands of someone I had just met.

There hadn’t been many ghouls in the area, they were all probably converging on the crashed vehicle. Those that we saw were only in groups of two or three, easily dispatched by Vincents sword, it was astonishing, he didn’t seem like he had any previous training and yet he was able to expertly, and accurately slice through the zombie skulls. Austin, Jack, and I were almost useless, any ghouls that came our way were dead before they could get anywhere near us.

After about a mile my foot felt like it was in a air compression chamber. Luckily we were at the shopping center, there were quite a few ghouls, I fought off the pain, I had to help. “Stop!” I hear Jack yell as I half jog holding my rifle to my shoulder ready to fire, “you’ll get hurt, or die!”

“Not likely,” I say, tapping my bag where the rectangular indentation of The Zombie Survival Guide. I rush to the mob with Austin and Vincent, unloading shots into the undead.

“Sure it’s a good idea to use such a loud gun?” Austin asks.

“Why the hell not?” I say and shoot a ghouls that was getting a little close to Vincent. Between Jack, Austin, Vincent, and I the ghouls stood no chance, we killed them all then entered the Army Surplus Store. Austin grabbed a new shotgun, something behind a display case, it had a pistol grip and was used with one hand. I grabbed a new machete, the one that I had was a $15 dollar piece of shit, better to get one of army grade. Austin also grabbed two trench knives, 6-inch spikes with brass knuckles on the handle, he put them in the pockets of his trench coat.

We leave the store and kill the last of the ghouls with melee, they served no threat. We walked back out into the road and towards Vincent’s camp. When we got there I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was a series of three buildings. There was no doubt there were more people there. I pulled up the hood on my jacket, it was cold as hell. “Are you guys cold?” I ask the group as a whole.


“Not particularly.”

“No, not really.”

Damn muscle bound assholes. Vincent shows me where I will be sleeping and says that Jack will stay there with me if ghouls attack. He offers to take me on a tour of the whole camp, but I decline, I want to get to sleep as soon as possible I was fucking tired. I laid my head in the pillow, it was awkward trying to get to sleep with Jack watching me, but eventually my consciousness faded and I fell asleep.