Today was a really shitty day. Not the 21st itself but the day before. Me and the damn technicality, it is only 12:08 a.m. Anyways, today I was reading New Moon because I was really bored and this Twitard comes up to me and asks: “Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?” And I reply: “No, I’m on Team Go Fuck Yourself!” Luckily she didn’t get a brick and bash in my face. Oh well, today made sad post on 20th, bummed out because school sucks. Day picked up after the incident between the Twitard and I. Funny really because she was a friend of mine, it’s just when she talks about Twilight I fell like going an hero and taking her with me. Also today tried to get on Encyclopedia Dramamtica, SISD blocked it for blogs and forums. But they block for an actual reason at least, y’know “Adult Sexually Explicit”. Whatever, Will signing off.