Members of 4chan, and especially my brothers from /co/, what the fuck is wrong with you? Not really meaning to quote Heath Ledger’s Joker, but why so serious? People this is the internet, it is not srs bsnss.

Alright, to fill you in today I got on and went to /co/ the board for comics and cartoons and started a thead asking who the residents of /co/’s favorite comic book characters are and I said that mine was “Rorschach from Watchmen” (the quotes come in later). And for the first few replies they were somewhere near decency.

However, there were many douchebags who were saying that because I think that Rorschach is my favorite character that I didn’t understand the book and that I’m conservative. First of all, I’m not conservative nor am I liberal, but I suppose that I’m just neutral. Second of all, I did understand the book.

It’s really hard to believe that people can be such assholes, people think before you post. And don’t give me any “If you don’t like them being douhebags than get off 4chan”. I’m not whining or bitching, merely saying that people can be fucking stupid.