1. Comic readers

These are the people who watch videos by people like DCompose’s utterly shit 101 videos and pretend that they know about comics. This makes me really fucking angry because most of these people have probably never even heard of some of these characters/comics and just want to sound like they’re know something about comics to fit in. First off, most people who read comics are considered geeks (which we are) and are outcasted, so there is no point in doing this to fit in. Second, you guys could know the information if you actually read the comics, plus DCompose gives some false info and doesn’t even elaborate on the characters so stop watching his 101’s and read the damn comics.

2. Emos

Myself am not am emo no matter what others say, however, there are those who aren’t disturbed aka they either pretend or they like it for the fashion or music. Now the second example isn’t necessarily something I have a problem with, there are many “emos” who are in it for the music genre or fashion. But the people who pretend to be emo and make shit up and say that they cut themselfs is mostly false.

3. Gangsters

You should have all seen this one coming, no posers rant would be complete without a section for the “gangsters”. You have all seen them, hell you probably know a few people like this, the fuckers with the rags, and the pants that are like three sizes too god damned big. The ones who will “pull out their gat and bust a cap in yo ass”. Dear god you fuckers go get some pants that fit and if you say you’ll “pull out yo gat and bust a cap in somebodies ass” than you had better be ready to do it because there are plenty of people who will kick your ass in a second. Especially with the way that they hold their guns, seriously you could break your wrist holding even a 9mm like that.