David begins to walk over to  Joseph and attempt to help him calm down. I stop him and say, “David, is it alright if I leave?”

“Sure, Rasputin. Just take the elevator that brought you up here,” he says pointing at the elevator. He then walks over to Joseph, trying to comfort him but fails miserably. Joseph shouts some obscenities at David, and through all his curses his message is clear: “Leave me alone.”

David gives up and walks by me, he presses the button marked with an up arrow on the elevator’s outside panel. I follow him.

While we are in the elevator David says: “The first match will be starting soon, are you coming?”

“No. I’ll watch the live showing on T.V. Is there a library in this damn place?”

“A library? Well, yes, the entire fourth and fifth floors are one huge library, used not only as a hall of knowledge but as a safe haven for the contestants. The arena is below the first floor.”

“After he says this the elevator “ding”s and he steps out. “Are you sure you would not rather come down to the arena and watch the fight?” he says.

“No. I want to be in that arena as little as possible. I’ll watch from the library,” I reply.

“Well alright, be seeing you, Rasputin,” David says.

“‘Bye.” I say then press the button on the elevator control panel marked “4”. The elevator doors close as David walks away, towards the death chamber.

As the elevator ascends a robotic voice sounds over the P.A., “The first round of the tournament will begin shortly, those not yet in the arena who wish to attend must do so now, the doors are closing.”

I contemplate sending the elevator back down to the arena, but ultimately decide against it. I wanted my privacy. I began to wonder if Joseph had attended, but didn’t linger on it too long as I had more important things to worry about.

“Ding” goes the elevator when it reaches the fourth floor.

I step out of the lift, and the doors shut behind me, into the mahogany clad library. A slight smile washed across my face, there were enough books in here to last me months.

I unzip my Domo-kun jacket and drape it over a nearby chair. I had on a white undershirt underneath. I began exploring the library. Starting at the first floor I glance over the shelves, trying to find something that would catch my interest, there were quite a few old volumes, I would have to look into them later. As a whole the place must have been worth a fortune.

I turn on the T.V. hanging over in the corner of the library, there was but one channel, the fight. It wasn’t anything special, I didn’t know the fighters, they were clanking swords and throwing balls of psychic energy at each other. Standard fair.

About five minutes later an invisible force threw me across the room, I slid across the row of tables in the middle of the library. The books that were piled neatly on top were pushed aside by my body. I fell off and onto the floor.

“Oh, what the hell?! Who did that?!” was all that I could think of at the time.

“Me, Rasputin,” says Joseph.