There was really no way to prepare myself for the task at hand, sure I had killed before but that made little difference. Those people were criminals, they deserved it, Joseph, however, was five years younger than me, and more importantly, innocent. He hadn’t done anything wrong. Sure he attacked me, but he was desperate for his freedom, as were all of us.

I walked, tiredly, down to gray hall to the arena, two men in dark suits escorted me down to the arena. I don’t think they were the men from before, there was really no way to tell.

When I reached the arena I was on an elevated platform, on the opposite side of the stands. Cameras zoom in on me, and ignorant people cheer.

On the opposite side of the platform Joseph emerges from a tunnel and he waves to the crowd, they cheered.

He jumps off of the platform, translucent blue energy twists around his feet and he gently floats down. Once he is about five feet from the arena floor and the energy disappears and he drops to the floor. People cheer.

I carefully climb onto the railing and jump down to the arena floor. People still cheer, not that it matters.

A man with dark skin, a shaved head, and a black suit like the men at the holding center. He has two one-handed swords, holding them upside down. He stands in the middle of the ring, Joseph and I each take a sword. The man tells us to turn around and walk twenty paces in the other direction. He tells us when he yells “GO!” we whip around and start fighting. This is done for suspense.

“GO!”, he yells. The man turns around and runs for the exit.

I move my arm in an upward diagonal motion and send an arc of flame in Joseph’s direction. He fires back with a wave of telekinetic energy. I rips through the flames and straight towards me. I’m sent flying backwards, my body skips across the arena floor. I get up and see Joseph charging at me. He is shooting more telekinetic blasts at me, not hard enough to knock me back, but hard enough to keep me still.

Joseph stops with the barrage about five feet from me, he swings his sword at me. I block it, we clash for about the next thirty seconds. Joseph forces my sword over to my side, he delivers a hard roundhouse kick to my face. I fall on my stomach. Joseph is prone for a killing blow, I roll out of the way.

I sit up and slash Joseph in the shin. He stupidly lowers his guard. I get up and make a downward swing at Joseph. Joseph blocks it. However, my sword goes farther than expected, Joseph’s sword broke. My blade falls into Joseph’s shoulder, it goes in about an inch. I pull it out and his blood sprays onto the left eye of my Domo-kun jacket.

He tries to attack me with the broken sword, but I blocked it. I knocked the blade from Joseph’s hand.

The tip of my sword is at Joseph’s throat. “This is technically a defeat,” I tell him.

“Yeah,” he says. “But this isn’t what they want, they want you to kill me.”

I prepare to push my blade forward but Joseph pushes me with telekinesis. I roll across the ground and stop ten feet away on my back, gasps among the crowd.

Joseph walks up to me with my sword in his hand.

This is the . . . end . . .?

No, fire, it wants to be . . . fed . . .

“Hey,Joseph,” I say.


“‘Bye . . .”

I snap and set him on fire, he staggers backwards and drops the sword. He falls to the floor, thrashing wildly. I look down at the sword and decide to stop his screaming. I pick it up, turn it around and stab Joseph in the heart, he is dead almost instantly.

The flames eat away at his body, and the blade, it decides against it and goes back to Joseph.

The crowd erupts into cheers.

Among them it looks as though a riot is about to break out. And they start to chant, “Rasputin, Rasputin” over the great match I gave them.

I raise my fist, well it was almost a fist, except for one finger.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I say to the crowd, they stop cheering. “I just killed someone and you’re cheering! I killed someone . . .”