My arm dropped back down to my side, the dark skinned man comes back with a fire extinguisher and puts out Joseph’s body. He removes the sword from his chest and dragged the body out of the arena.

I turned around, not saying anything, and walked towards the exit: an elevator at the back of the arena. I pushed the call button, and while I stand waiting for the elevator I say to the crowd, “Fuck you, you ignorant assholes.”

Just as the elevator doors open David catches my attention, he makes an “R” in sign language with his left hand and an “F” with the right, “RF” roof. I walk into the elevator and press the button for the roof.

What in the hell does he want? Probably a scolding.

What I did will probably get me kicked out of this tournament. They’re too much of pussies to look reality in the face, perhaps I made them think. Probably not, the masses hate thought, that’s why they follow the chancellor’s order blindly.

My thoughts are interrupted by the elevator’s “ding”, the doors slide open. Davis is there, sitting on the edge of the roof, facing me, with the posture and expression of “The Thinker”.

He sees me, the elevator doors slide shut, and he exhales deeply, clearly pissed. “Rasputin, what the hell is wrong with you? Why do you act this way?”

“I’m an anarchist, chaos is something that I enjoy, naturally I want to cause as much as possible.”

“Even at the expense of your life? And before you answer that, do you realize not only did you embarrass me, and insult everyone in the crowd, but you insulted the chancellor as well?”

“I don’t care about the god damned chancellor,” I say frustrated. and what makes me even angrier is the fact that David knows I hate the chancellor and 100% meant to insult him.

“You should, he’ll have you killed for this. He’ll take you down to the arena, in front of everyone and personally put a bullet through your skull.”

“Let’s see him try.”

“David gets off the roof’s edge and walks over to me, “Rasputin, stop being so damned reckless, it’ll be the death of you.”

I ignore the statement and ask him, “Where is the chancellor’s office?”

“I’m not obligated to tell you that,” David says nervously, he knows what will come next.

“Do you wish to die today, David?”

“N-No, but I still won’t tell you . . .”

I raise an eyebrow at him, “Oh, really? Have you ever wondered what it’s like for those poor souls who get boiled alive?” I pop my knuckles. David swallows hard, and I can tell he is about to cry, I win. He tells me the chancellor’s office is on the tenth floor.

I leave David sobbing on the roof, I don’t need him anymore. I call the elevator and press the button marked “10”, my eyes are wide, an evil grin washes over my face as the elevator goes down one floor then “dings”. I walk out into a beautiful office, fit for a chancellor, and know that it is about to be soaked in blood.