“What in the hell are you doing here?!” the chancellor says in a shaky and frightened voice. He begins to move for the button under his desk – which would call for backup. Intent on stopping him, I dash forward and and grab a paperweight off of his desk and hit him over the head with it. He fall out of his chair and onto the floor, I hit him with the paperweight again. I grab him by the lapels of his suit jacket and slam him into a wall over to my left. He is saying something to me, however, I can’t hear him and lay into his face with my fists. Blood pours from the chancellor’s mouth, and through broken teeth he says:

“Rasputin, please stop. You and I, we are the same.” My hands move up to his throat. “Please stop . . .”

“Chancellor, the only thing that we have in common is that we are both going to die today.” My hands tighten around the chancellor’s throat, and he smiles, I smile too. Then comes the sickening snap.

The chancellor falls limply to my feet. And I know there are cameras – eyes – that saw everything. The smile washes away from my face, replaced by a sullen, blank look. I prepare for the Special Forces to charge in.

The elevator “dings” and I turn towards it. Three Special Forces soldiers charge in. I snap with both hands, setting fire to the two men on the outside of the group. The one in the middle cocks a shotgun, I roll to the right, and the blast hits the chancellor’s desk. I stand, crouched, on the floor to his right, I luge at him, we tumble like lovers into the elevator. His shotgun falls out of his hand and onto the elevator floor. I grab him by his flak vest and throw him into another wall in the elevator. I take the knife from his belt and stab him in the side of the neck. He lets out a low gurgle and kills over.

That’s four counts capital murder, I am now a wanted man.