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Yes hello this is Kira, and today I’m here to rant about the little craps we all know and hate, FarmVille Freaks.

If anyone of you out there have a Facebook or any type of messaging or functioning account thing that has farmville as an application, you have met these people. Farmville freaks are people who are obsessed with Farmville.

“Can you fertilize my crops? OH OH SEND ME A GIFT! Hahahaha, guess what dude!!! I just got a reward for planting some flowers! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!”

You know when ever I here this I just think, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!”. One day I finally told this to my best friend Dustin (who, bless is mentally retarded heart, is a FarmVille freak) to shut up, and he said you know what you have never even played FarmVille before try it and then tell me to shut up, So i did exactly that, I went home got on my computer and pulled up FarmVille. As the game was up it said for me to plant strawberries to get money (as it said to get money I realized what is the point of getting the money? The only thing I can use it on is more crops…) after I finished planting the strawberries, I thought it would wait three seconds then go and make it to where I could harvest them. nope. I had to wait four hours. Immediately I shut off my computer to get the FarmVille skank off it and went to Dustins house, as soon as he opened the door, WHAM!!! kicked him right in the balls and screamed, “I FUCKING HATE FARMVILLE!!!! and walked away.

First rant for me. Good enough? Comment below saying if it was.

X_x Kira

Update: {12-2-09} MasterofStrings: Fixed all of the grammatical errors.


Hey my name is Lee, but you can call me Kira. I’m a best friend of the creator of this blog. I realized he had made this blog a couple months ago, and I finally asked if I could be an author in it… he said sure XD. But yeah, I’m gonna be a new author on this blog and I am going to be posting chapters of this book I am writing, I’m also going to be doing reviews and ticking people off for fun :) so yeah that all.


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