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I’m thinking about posting on this blog every once in a while again because the other day I say that I was still getting views on it even though it hasn’t been posted on in so long, so i might start to put stuff on here again.

Give me some feedback to let me know if there’s anyone really wanting me to be on here again.


I would to take a few moments to discuss a few things that really piss me off. If you happen to read this I’m sorry for wasting so much of your time.

I really hate it when people classify all genres of electronic music as “techno”. This has always bugged the shit out of me because it’s one thing that can clearly show somepony’s ignorance. Honestly, these days when electronic music is gaining massive amounts of popularity you woukd think that people could at least call it “electronic music” and not classify the entiere expanse of electronic music as “techno”.
Another thing that absolutely pisses me off is when ignorant fucking people stand in front of the staircase I need to walk up to get to my class on the other fucking side of the school and block the way up. I’m standing here like, “WTF is this? Why can’t you just move along and continue your fucking day and not block my goddamn path so I won’t be late to my 5th period. AGAIN.
I hate it when people who play COD all of the damn time think that other game series suck because they’re “all the same”. I shouldn’t even have to explain this one.
I hate when people blast their shitty rap music on the bus, or in the hallways or, Cthulhu forbid, the fuckng classroom and that annoying everything 16th note crash “beat” is playing in the background of some shitty non-lyrics and I’m just like, “Die cancer, die”.
And there you have it, a short list of the bullshit that pisses me off these days.


According to the show Conspiracy Theory, in which some old guy blabs on about stupid conspiracies that only complete morons would believe are true. And I have seen the trailer for the new episode on Wednesday and the “conspiracy” is that recycling is a government plan to take over teh worldz!!! OH NOES!!! Wow, you do not believe how stupid this is. Oh my God can people really be this fucking stupid? And this is supposedly a real conspiracy? Really, people believe that this shit is real? I’ll probably watch this episode, because I’m curious to find out how RECYCLING is a government ploy to take over the world.



Yes hello this is Kira, and today I’m here to rant about the little craps we all know and hate, FarmVille Freaks.

If anyone of you out there have a Facebook or any type of messaging or functioning account thing that has farmville as an application, you have met these people. Farmville freaks are people who are obsessed with Farmville.

“Can you fertilize my crops? OH OH SEND ME A GIFT! Hahahaha, guess what dude!!! I just got a reward for planting some flowers! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!”

You know when ever I here this I just think, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!”. One day I finally told this to my best friend Dustin (who, bless is mentally retarded heart, is a FarmVille freak) to shut up, and he said you know what you have never even played FarmVille before try it and then tell me to shut up, So i did exactly that, I went home got on my computer and pulled up FarmVille. As the game was up it said for me to plant strawberries to get money (as it said to get money I realized what is the point of getting the money? The only thing I can use it on is more crops…) after I finished planting the strawberries, I thought it would wait three seconds then go and make it to where I could harvest them. nope. I had to wait four hours. Immediately I shut off my computer to get the FarmVille skank off it and went to Dustins house, as soon as he opened the door, WHAM!!! kicked him right in the balls and screamed, “I FUCKING HATE FARMVILLE!!!! and walked away.

First rant for me. Good enough? Comment below saying if it was.

X_x Kira

Update: {12-2-09} MasterofStrings: Fixed all of the grammatical errors.

Okay, so a little while ago I made a to-do-list for some things I was gonna review, the Twilight series being one of them. I started on New Moon and I read for an about an hour and got up to about page 73. It was at this point I screamed, “Fuck it, there is no way I can do this!”. I apologize I know a lot of you want to here me rant and rave about how awful the Twilight series is but there is no way. The book is boring and dull as all hell. Nothing happens, absolutely bloody NOTHING! And it isn’t even the actual story that is making me not want to read it, (although that is shitty too) it’s the fact that Stephenie Meyer spends so much time and space telling us about things that don’t even matter. A lot of Twitards have been butt hurt over Stephen King “bashing” Twilight (more like criticism amirite gaiz?) and they have said that his books are boring, however, even if he takes time to tell a scene he at least does it for things that are important scenes. But Stephenie Meyer takes forever to tell scenes that don’t even matter.

Ugh, I’m done, that’s a rant at least.



1. Comic readers

These are the people who watch videos by people like DCompose’s utterly shit 101 videos and pretend that they know about comics. This makes me really fucking angry because most of these people have probably never even heard of some of these characters/comics and just want to sound like they’re know something about comics to fit in. First off, most people who read comics are considered geeks (which we are) and are outcasted, so there is no point in doing this to fit in. Second, you guys could know the information if you actually read the comics, plus DCompose gives some false info and doesn’t even elaborate on the characters so stop watching his 101’s and read the damn comics.

2. Emos

Myself am not am emo no matter what others say, however, there are those who aren’t disturbed aka they either pretend or they like it for the fashion or music. Now the second example isn’t necessarily something I have a problem with, there are many “emos” who are in it for the music genre or fashion. But the people who pretend to be emo and make shit up and say that they cut themselfs is mostly false.

3. Gangsters

You should have all seen this one coming, no posers rant would be complete without a section for the “gangsters”. You have all seen them, hell you probably know a few people like this, the fuckers with the rags, and the pants that are like three sizes too god damned big. The ones who will “pull out their gat and bust a cap in yo ass”. Dear god you fuckers go get some pants that fit and if you say you’ll “pull out yo gat and bust a cap in somebodies ass” than you had better be ready to do it because there are plenty of people who will kick your ass in a second. Especially with the way that they hold their guns, seriously you could break your wrist holding even a 9mm like that.



Members of 4chan, and especially my brothers from /co/, what the fuck is wrong with you? Not really meaning to quote Heath Ledger’s Joker, but why so serious? People this is the internet, it is not srs bsnss.

Alright, to fill you in today I got on and went to /co/ the board for comics and cartoons and started a thead asking who the residents of /co/’s favorite comic book characters are and I said that mine was “Rorschach from Watchmen” (the quotes come in later). And for the first few replies they were somewhere near decency.

However, there were many douchebags who were saying that because I think that Rorschach is my favorite character that I didn’t understand the book and that I’m conservative. First of all, I’m not conservative nor am I liberal, but I suppose that I’m just neutral. Second of all, I did understand the book.

It’s really hard to believe that people can be such assholes, people think before you post. And don’t give me any “If you don’t like them being douhebags than get off 4chan”. I’m not whining or bitching, merely saying that people can be fucking stupid.



Watchmen, to put it simply, is a great book, and definitely was the pinnacle of the comic medium, or did it ruin it? As I said this is an excellent book, great writing a wonderful story, that was revolutionary in superhero comics. But when Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, were, as I said, the pinnacle of the comic medium, but to me they brought down the comic medium for quite a while. NOTE: Both books are really violent, and explicitly sexual, so the idiot writers of comics didn’t take the hint to bump up the writing but instead they pile on the gore and tits, and throw the writing to the to the god damned wind. Thus began the ’90’s era where in comics there was nothing but gore and tits. This pisses me off. Whatever, know one even cares what I have to say. And yes I stole this rant from MovieBob.



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