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I’m having fun over at Blogger, but does anyone want me to do more stuff here?


Okay, this will be quick.

I have a new blog URL, for my new blog (consult “!” for details). (bookmark it, the URL is a bitch to type in).

With nothing more to say here is a picture of Link:



Hey guys this will be a really short update, just want to say that I made a new blog.

Click here to view that.

And the reason I have the new blog is explained in the first post.



Ultra Violence Chapter VIII: The Sickening Snap

Ultra Violence Chapter IX: On the Run

Also KTLIOADJ is writing a new novel titled We The Savages about gladiator matches between prison in-mates. At the time of this writing he has not yet put up any chapters, however, he will make a new blog and put up some chapters later, because as of now his internet is down (;_;).





Yay! It’s snowing in Houston! Oh my God, that barely ever happens here, holy shit I was surprised when it snowed last year, and we usually get snow every four years! But as of today it has snowed two years in a row. I am so happy, I just got back from walking around in the snow. Best part is all the schools in our district are off school early. I walked around out there for like an hour. The cold didn’t even effect me, it was so cool, I got a lot of snow in my eyes as well. Remember in the last blog when I said it would be a December to remember? Well, now it is really a December to remember, and I think it’s still snowing, I may go out there again, not sure. Anyways, there should be some more Ultra Violence soon, look forward to it.



I was going to type this from school but decided not to because WordPress on the school computers doesn’t have any of the layouts or anything, it’s just the SandBox for the WordPress site. Anyways, there are some graphic novels, and just plain text format novels that I want to read, the first of which being From Hell written by one of my favorite comic book authors: Alan Moore. It’s about the Jack the Ripper or Whitechapel murders. Also V for Vendetta, and you should all know what that is . . .

And on another note, TTITN is almost 3 months old, at about the 14th it will be the third month of TTITN goodness. Also just before November ended the blog reached over 200 views, damn, I never saw it coming, thank you all for viewing the blog, and welcome to a December to remember. There is a new chapter of Ultra Violence up, click here to read that. Also, Austin finally did Day 9 of Z-Day, click here to read that.

And just in case you forgot, ZDay is now hosted here, go there to view more chapters of Z-Day, and don’t forget to subscribe, it’s as easy as filling out your e-mail address.



Give me something in the comments section to review or rant about, I seriously have nothing but a rant about douchebags on 4chan.



Z-Day has been moved here and Austin will be contributing:

Yay, new chapters for my novels.

Make sure you go read them, and RATE the chapters and leave comments, you don’t need a WordPress account to comment on this blog, just leave a response of praise or criticism for the chapters, and rate them that says more than a comment. Also, for a while my good friend Austin a.k.a. KTLIOADJ will take over Z-Day for a while, while I am working on Ultra Violence. And I am still not back just want to leave this announcement and finish the drafts that I had started.



Those of you who reside in the UK or watched/read V for Vendetta would know that yesterday was “Guy Fawkes Night”. And if you don’t know the history behind it than I will summarize it for you, Guy Fawkes was a man who was involved in the Gunpowder Treason, which was when a bunch of guys who didn’t like Parliament went to blow it up with gunpowder, although Fawkes was not the one to plan the treason,he was captured and tortured and executed in public. On this night for a while now residents of the UK commemorate the attempt by setting off fireworks on November the 5th. There was no real substance or rant or anything behind this just thought I would throw that out there.

Also my novel: Z-Day is up to the 4th chapter if you haven’t read them yet then what’s stopping you?



Well recently I started playing through Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition again and realized just how much I loved the game, and then thinking back was ashamed at myself for not playing through it again on a higher difficulty than easy. But, hey, can you blame me? If you’ve ever played it you’d know just how damned difficult this game can be. But needless to say I am playing it on Normal this time and it is kicking my ass…. HARD. I got to about Mission 11 and got stuck on a boss and after that decided to start over with Gold Orbs instead of Yellow, because if you choose yellow you have to buy continues, but is you choose gold the orbs bring you back t life instantly, and you have infinite continues. ANYWAYS, realizing how much more of a badass Dante is in the prequel mainly because of the fact he’s a pompous asshole, when I finish the game again I may have to do a review on the trilogy. All three games.

And this part was just thrown in there for the pure reason of  “why the hell not” an update. My week was generally boring and there wans’t anything to really talk about except my rediscovering of DMC3. I’m reading two books one is Digital Fortress by Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol also by Dan Brown. I’m on about page 200 in Digital Fortress, and page 13 on The Lost Symbol, eh, what can I say once I got further into Digital Fortress I couldn’t stop reading it was so invigorating, but after I finish Digital Fortress there will be a review, expect the same for The Lost Symbol.

Master Of Strings

Goodnight and good luck


5: Land Turtle Final Fantasy III (DS)

Even though he is a first boss he is worth mentioning for the epicness of this fight, because you fight him all by yourself with only six potions and some of the crappiest weapons in the game, and the reason he is only number 19 is because he’s a what I like to call a “slap fight boss” which is usually the first boss in an RPG when you have no moves and if the boss has any spells he would 1 hit you, but it still is epic even if it is easy.


4: Dr. Salvador Resident Evil 4 (PS2, PC, Wii, GC)

Even though he technically is a mini-boss, but he is pretty cool, one hit from that chainsaw and you may as well kiss your head goodbye. It’s especially bad in “Mercenaries” in the Water World, there is a Mega Dr. Salvador who has a two-pronged flaming chainsaw actually wrapped in chains it’s epic, he will come at you swinging, and lop your head off without a second thought.


3: Dancing Hands Persona 3 (PS2)

Another mini-boss found on the 10th floor of Tartarus. Even though they are only the second mini-boss in the game they will kick your ass in at least 3 rounds if you don’t exploit their weakness, which is strike, otherwise they will mazio and bufu you into oblivion.

The End Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2)

250px-The_EndThis boss is nothing but awesome, it’s a sniper fight to the death, or unconsciousness, and is the only boos fight in MGS3 to really push stealth into the fight, because if you aren’t sneaking The End will shoot you with his Mosin Nagant, thus tranquilizing you and sending back to the area about 40 minutes back.

200px-MemoryofALessa1: Memory of Alessa Silent Hill 3 (PS2, PC, )

Easily the hardest boss in SH3, and Alessa really doesn’t hold back, she uses a knife, a steel pipe, oh and a freakin’ sub-machine gun, just plain awesome. She’s also a very symbolic boss if you’ve played Sh3 and knew who Heather really is.


Master Of Strings

Asta La Vista

Yup, a whole new blog because I realized how much I hate Blogger, but anyways, this will be a blog where I shall review all type of media (unlike TSIOO this will include movies, books, graphic novels, as well as video games).  This blog will jump to life as of tomorrow where I give my two cents on the hit band BrokeNCYDE. Why they’re a hit don’t ask me but they really are a shit band.

Here is a link to a friend of mine on Blogger, who did a BrokeNCYDE review/rant:

He (of course) has a blog at:

Check him out for various rants and things on music, mostly shitty music.

Master Of Strings
Goodnight and Good luck

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