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Well, there are going to be some serious changes with me. My reviews will be changing drastically. I plan on doing them similarly to my old reviews at TheSkyIsOurOcean (go ahead and click on it and read some of the old reviews, then come back, you may understand a little more). They were sort of like short rants, and I want to get back to that. I want to do this because my current reviews are boring as hell. I find them extremely boring and am going to change as I said. To give you an example something more like my Resistance Retribution review, personally this was my best review. I feel like a driveling drone “this comic is good, the art work is fantastic, the graphics are some of the best I have ever seen”, boring amirite? Resistance Retribution was not boring at all, in my opinion it was good. The reason I feel that my reviews are boring now is because I added structure, at first structure was good, the reviews were detailed and lengthy and no necessarily boring. Now they’re nothing but drivel. So expect these changes soon. There should also be a new top 5 list soon. I’m bored as hell guys. And more Ultra Violence tomorrow.




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