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Let me start out by saying that if you like horror movies and you have not seen this film yet, than do so, now. Drag Me To Hell is the best horror movie I have seen in a long time. Believe me this film is worth it. The genius of Sam Raimi is the fact that his horror movies are funny as well as scary. A lot of the times he uses jump scares instead of suspense, and and you start off screaming and end up laughing. The kind of BOO! scares of old horror movies instead of all the psychological nonsense. Also the film is really gory, and not in the sense of “Ah, disgusting”, more like, “Haha, dear God there’s so much blood!”. These are the sort of films we need to hark-in back to. And again, go and buy this movie if you don’t already have it, and hell even if you do have it, give the companies more money!




Well recently I started playing through Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition again and realized just how much I loved the game, and then thinking back was ashamed at myself for not playing through it again on a higher difficulty than easy. But, hey, can you blame me? If you’ve ever played it you’d know just how damned difficult this game can be. But needless to say I am playing it on Normal this time and it is kicking my ass…. HARD. I got to about Mission 11 and got stuck on a boss and after that decided to start over with Gold Orbs instead of Yellow, because if you choose yellow you have to buy continues, but is you choose gold the orbs bring you back t life instantly, and you have infinite continues. ANYWAYS, realizing how much more of a badass Dante is in the prequel mainly because of the fact he’s a pompous asshole, when I finish the game again I may have to do a review on the trilogy. All three games.

And this part was just thrown in there for the pure reason of  “why the hell not” an update. My week was generally boring and there wans’t anything to really talk about except my rediscovering of DMC3. I’m reading two books one is Digital Fortress by Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol also by Dan Brown. I’m on about page 200 in Digital Fortress, and page 13 on The Lost Symbol, eh, what can I say once I got further into Digital Fortress I couldn’t stop reading it was so invigorating, but after I finish Digital Fortress there will be a review, expect the same for The Lost Symbol.

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