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I’ll start by saying that I’m not back, however, I will be doing a new novel titled Ultra Violence, this novel is about a man who can use pyrokenesis, in a world that exiles psychics. This is all I’ll say about Ultra Violence for now, I will try and upload some chapters, as well as do some more for Z-Day. I’m almost done with Day 5, and when I get the time I’ll finish it.





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The tale of three teenager, one blog, and a never ending hatred for popular media. Of you know me IRL than you know we don't usually act like this, but this is OUR safe haven of the internet to express our opinions and put up what we want. PLEASE, do not leave dumbass comments if either (A) We like something you don't like or (B) We hate something you like, let us spell it out for you Y-O-U W-I-L-L B-E B-L-O-C-K-E-D. Get it. And if you wish to request something from me, ask, do not demand.



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